b'I depict many different environments and situations that bear witness to my research activities over the past thirty years in the art world. I do so in full expressive freedom, with all the means at my disposal and free from any imposition or constraint. This is therefore not a product, an activity or a job, but rather the expression of who I am and of my way of life. I assemble, I make drawings, paintings, photographs, exhibitions and sculptures, using all types of materials and techniques. My language is multi-faceted, each time I choose the most suitable means to convey the story I want to tell. I do this to perform my natural vital act of producing images through a style that goes beyond place and technique by always moving the boundaries of what is feasible.Francesco SaniFrancesco Sani was born in Genoa in 1962. He graduated in modern humanities at the University of Genoa and then earned a diploma in visual arts at the cole Nationale Suprieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. a multi-medial artist who engages with forms of art and displays his works in many galleries, museums and institutional sites.'